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Danni | English | 23 | Cassie

Danni | 23 | England

"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”




The same shy/sunshine smile in two differents moments


Sakura (by Takumi Yashima)


Anonymous whispered: Hey, just saw your post about someone reposting your gifset. :( Is it really jaelephy? She seemed like a really nice fan who started a giveaway but I have zero tolerance for plagiarism so I will stop following her if that is the case.

jaelephy? nonononono! it was anpontan! she seems to repost a lot. absolutely nothing to do with jaelephy! she’s a lovely person, and you should continue to follow and love her! not sure where that misunderstanding came from, but no need to worry anon-ie! :)

still can’t believe that this person is rude enough to repost the entire thing. like, you obviously knew what you were doing if you saved every single one then reposted it. and you didn’t even do it in the right goddamn order! and your ask box is shut. of course it is. you don’t want to be confronted by the upset owners do you? does it make you happy stealing someone else’s hard work? do you get any satisfaction at all from the notes you get?